Jefferson Lamar Cox POS Thief

Jefferson Lamar Cox aka Jefferson Cox aka Jeff Cox aka Jefferson L Cox of Los Angeles who is in Real Estate is a crook and a pos thief.   DO NOT do any business with him or hire him for anything. He will falsify documents and try to take advantage of you. Stay away from him as far as possible. Jefferson specializes in ripping people off for money. He is a worthless Los Angeles native and a graduate of Fisk University. He tried to work with high net worth clients in real estate but then realized he needed to learn more about scamming people, so Jefferson L Cox went to work for Wells Fargo and Bank of America. He will steal your money, whether you are a first time buyer or a growing family. He'll act smart and bs as a personal advocate to try to steal whatever he can from you. Jefferson has a special love for scamming people. He employs this love in scamming various people that he comes in contact with. If you want to get ripped off today he will make your transaction sea